Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 4

 Ooooookay... I kind of failed my "Picture-uh-day"... So here is a few extra! 

We went fishing yesterday for Fathers day :) ... I was the only one to catch a fish though... I felt bad that my Dad didn't get one... after all, it was his day! He just enjoys fishing though, catching one is just a plus; so it wasn't a totally failed day. The weather was not what any of us expected. It was rainy, misty, cold, windy, icky! It is in the middle of June and it was definitely not the typical weather you expect in June. 

The rest of the pictures are me cleaning my fish at the lake. 

All Clean!!! :D 

This week I am really going to do my best with pictures everyday! 


  1. Filleting that trout like a damn champ. I fish every chance I get.

  2. Me too! Best part of the summer and fall

  3. Haha I used to love cleaning fish when I was a little kid, wonder what that says about a person...